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I Went To Arizona And All I Got Was This Lousy Picture Of A Baldwin 2-6-0

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Last month I went on a little trip to Arizona to visit Haigler Creek with my folks. On my dad’s side of the family we have a distant relative that used to live there back in the 1890s which prompted us to explore more about our genealogy and the history of that area and the infamous Pleasant Valley Feud in which he was peripherally involved. The areas we visited were a bit light on railroad-related sights however we did happen upon this Southern Pacific 2-6-0 Mogul built by Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1901 which was on display in Globe, Arizona. I guess the picture isn’t that lousy, but I could have done with less fence.

Southern Pacific 1774 in Globe, Arizona - Photo by Cat Cook May 22, 2011

Southern Pacific 1774 in Globe, Arizona - Photo by Cat Cook May 22, 2011

Here is the accompanying information to the displayed locomotive from a sign at the City of Globe’s Veteran’s Memorial Park:

Steam Locomotive No. 1774 was built by the Baldwin Company in 1901. It was one of 335 Engines of this class built by Baldwin from 1899 and 1901 and number 1774 is one of seven steam engines that are in existence today.

Engine number 1774 was acquired by Arizona Eastern Railroads between 1910 and 1924. In 1924 Southern Pacific Railroad took over and the engine was assigned to main line freight. During World War II the engine was used to pull troop trains and to haul freight to military bases in Arizona and Southern California. Around 1945-1946 the engine was reassigned to the Globe-Miami Bowie Run pulling both passenger and freight trains.

For the statistics-minded rail fans, No. 1774 has 63-inch drives, 21-inch cylinders with a 28-inch stroke and a boiler pressure of 200 pounds. Weight on the drivers is 159,000 pounds. Light weight is 164, 340 pounds.

After 54 years, engine number 1774, a veteran of more than three million miles of service over the eight-state Southern Pacific Railroad System, was presented to the city of Globe on November 2, 1956. A spur was built by volunteers of the Ironworkers Local #75 and the old steam engine number 1774 was relocated to its present site, the Veterans Memorial Park.

The remaining six steam engines are located as listed below:

#1629 Sold to Gene Autry

#1673 On display in Tucson, Arizona

#1727 On display in Dunsmuir, California

#1744 on display in Corinne, Utah

#1771 on display in Placerville, California

#1785 on display in Woodburn, Oregon

Southern Pacific 1774 in Globe, Arizona - Photo by Cat Cook May 22, 2011

This picture would have been better with less tree, less sign, and less fence, but alas, it was not meant to be. Southern Pacific 1774 in Globe, Arizona - Photo by Cat Cook May 22, 2011

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And, speaking of Dunsmuir (mentioned above), they are having their 2011 Dunsmuir Railroad Days this weekend in Dunsmuir, CA. They will have vintage trains at the Union Pacific railyard, it costs $1 to tour them. There will also be model train displays, a parade, speeder rides, a 2-mile and 5-mile run, music, vendors, pancake breakfast, and more. For even more information you can visit their site here: Dunsmuir Railroad Days